Student Poster Competition 2015


Congratulations to the ANKE 2015 Student Research Poster Competition Winners!!


The Winners:


Undergraduate: Melissa Booker 

Affiliation: University of Toronto, Health Studies Program

Poster Title: Depicting How Ageism Influences the Delivery of Sexual Health Services to Older Adults: A Review​


Masters: Laura Thompson

Affiliation: University of Ottawa

Poster Title: Ecological Validity of Prospective Memory Tasks in Aging and Cognitive Impairment


Doctoral: Dorothy Hasinoff 

Affiliation: University of Toronto

Poster Title: Declines in Income and Health Among Mid- and Later-life Canadians


Doctoral: Christine Sheppard

Affiliation: University of Waterloo

Poster Title: A Systematic Review of Montessori Methods for Persons with Dementia


   (ANKE2015 Student Research Poster Competition Winners: left, Dorothy Hasinoff, PhD; centre, Melissa Booker, Undergraduate; right, Laura Thompson, Masters; not present: Christine Sheppard, PhD student)


Competition Guidelines:

Submission to the poster competition was open to all students, and students were provided the opportunity to present their undergraduate or graduate studies level research in aging.

All submitted abstracts were reviewed and successful applicants presented their posters to the audience during 'poster viewing' sessions at the Annual NICE Knowledge Exchange, May 28, 2015.

Prizes were awarded to the best Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD poster.

Posters were judged by a panel of three judges on the following criteria (criteria 1 to 4 being equally weighted):
1. Quality of the Research (clarity of theoretical perspectives, method, sample, findings, discussion, limitations)
2. Merit of the Research (validity of conclusions, relevancy to field of aging, potential for application)
3. Quality of Abstract and Content (coherence, logical flow, grammar, spelling, concise abstract)
4. Demonstrated Understanding of the Student (recognition of limits of the study, familiar with research context)
5. Special Merit marks awarded for innovative, novel research projects.


For further information please contact
Raza M. Mirza


ANKE2015 Student Research Poster Competition prizes generously provided by Kobo, Inc.

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